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How to check for bed bugs

How to check for bed bugs

Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects that feed on animals or human blood. Adult bedbugs have flat bodies like an apple seed to the scale. However, after feeding, their bodies swell and are reddish in color. Immature bedbugs, or nymphs, shed their skins five times before they reach puberty, and require a blood meal before each shed. The bugs will grow entirely in as little as a month under optimal conditions and produce three or four generations each year. And bedbugs do not transmit any diseases. Acuity Pest Control provides the best bed bug treatment in Bangalore.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide

where do bed bugs hide

Using luggage, clothing, used beds and couches, and other items, Bedbugs can enter your home undetected Their flattened bodies allow them to fit in tiny spaces, around a credit card’s width. Bedbugs don’t have colonies such as ants or bees but prefer to live in hiding areas in groups. Their original hiding areas are usually in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards where people can quickly get to bite in the evening.

They can, however, disperse through the bedroom over time, shifting into every crevice or safe location. We can also branch out to rooms or apartments nearby. Because bedbugs live on blood only, having them in your home isn’t a sign of dirt. They’re as likely to be found in immaculate homes and hotel rooms as they are in filthy ones.

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When do Bedbugs Bite

bed bugs bite

Bedbugs are mainly active at night, and typically attack people as they sleep. We eat from an elongated beak that pierces the skin to remove blood. The bugs eat up to get engorged for three to 10 minutes and then creep away unseen.

For first, Most bedbug bites are painless but then develop itchy welts. Like flea bites that are often around ankles, bedbug bites are visible while sleeping on every part of the skin. Unlike flea wounds, the wounds do not have a red mark in the middle.

People who do not know that they are infested with a bedbug can attribute scratching and welts to other causes, such as mosquitoes. You may need to search and identify the bugs themselves to validate bedbug bites. And even the DIY or natural treatments fails in getting rid of bed bugs. Hence call Acuity Pest Control to get rid of havoc creating bed bugs at one shot.

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How to Identify Bed Bugs

bed bugs bite

Bed bugs are an oval shape and are just around 3/16th of an inch long. They are brown and flat, before feeding. Bugs become redder in color, swollen, and elongated after feeding. Bed bugs have six wings, and two antennas. While the “wing covers” have been limited, bed bugs do not have wings and can’t fly.

Bugs in adult beds are visible to the human eye and can be detected by sight, particularly in mattress seams and box springs. Bed bug nymphs can be more difficult to identify because they are smaller in size and paler in color.

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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are most readily detected on mattresses, upholstery, or walls by the faint reddish-brown fecal stains. When such spots are detected, then an infestation can be recorded. Bites on the arms and legs are a tell-tale indicator of bed bugs as well. Although those bites can be slight, they become visible as they swell and get itchy. For these bites to appear it may take two to three days, allowing the infestation to grow. However, bites alone, without other evidence of bed bug, do not indicate an infestation.

Sightings of bed bug molt scales, their nests, hollow eggshells, or the bugs themselves may also classify infestations. All these objects are relatively small, but still visible to the eye of man. Bed bug molt skins as well as their eggshells look pale white, respectively, upon molding or emerging from the eggshell.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are highly dangerous beings and when faced with an infestation medical support should be sought. Bed bugs are a tough insect to handle. In reality, according to a recent NPMA study, 76 percent of pest professionals say they are the hardest bug to eliminate. When you suspect an infestation or find one, contact a licensed professional to resolve the matter. Acuity pest control helps you in getting rid of bed bugs in 24hrs. Call us today!

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