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Different Kinds of Ants?

different kinds of ants

Pest control Service for Ants.

“Every Ant Tells a Story”. We have different kinds of Pest control service for Ants in India is home to nearly 1,000 species of ants with more than 10,000 recognized species worldwide. Like in other animals of the animal world, certain organisms are more common than others. Below are only a couple of the organisms that you may consider nesting in or near your home:

  • Carpenter Ants


Such ants derive their name from their tendency to construct colonies within wooden structures. In comparison, carpenter ants are one of the biggest groups of bees in India, weighing as many as 1⁄2. “All carpenter ants are green, but others are red or yellowish in color.

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  • Fire Ants


Also recognized for their unpleasant, venomous bite, fire ants are more than just a threat to humans. Fire ants are very violent and swift to bite something that is attempting to enter the colony. These omnivorous ants are distinguished by their reddish color and limited scale, usually from 1/16 “to 1/5.”

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  • Little Black Ants

Little Black Ants

This native plant is common in India. As their name implies, they are tiny – a mere 1/16 “– and black in color. They have fairly large populations and are sometimes seen living within walls or wooden buildings.

Field ants

Field ants build mounds in open spaces such as lawns and meadows. They don’t live in houses, but they can come in while swarming or looking for food. Inadequate weather stripping and broken windows will keep the pests indoors. Mounds constructed near the base can often make it possible for ants to reach a house. These are very big insects, and often they are mistakenly believed to be carpenter ants.


Acrobat ants are like carpenter ants in that they tend to nest in damp or rotting wood. Colonies are most often located in tree holes, dead branches, stumps, and logs. Rotating places of walls, decks, and railings can also be nesting grounds. Most of the infestations of acrobat ants derive from outside nests; but, if damp or rotting wood occurs indoors due to water contamination, it can easily nest indoors.

Ants Pest Control in Bangalore

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