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Health facility pest problems may arise as a result of pests entering the immediate vicinity pests within the structure and pests brought into the facility by visitors or staff through clothing, food, flowers, or other items. While it may be difficult to prevent the entry of pests by visitors, educating all staff on prevention within the facility can reduce problems. Acuity Pest Control provides the best pest control service in Bangalore. Call us today for the best deal. Ensuring a pest-free atmosphere is an important challenge concerning everyone in the hospitality business. The presence of an insect infestation would almost certainly impact the image, employee relationships, and potentially financial results of an organization. Hotels can become vulnerable to several pest issues. Acuity Pest control is the most efficient way to keep these infestations at bay and pest-related issues.



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Hospitality pests

Managing and preventing the infestation of hospitality pests can be challenging and never-ending., For instance, a minor pest infestation can lead to the restaurant being shut down by the health department. If you want to avoid such a scenario, here are some tips to combat pest infestations:

Pests in hospitality properties hide in dark places such as drains, sewers, equipment, and spaces. The presence of pests in a hotel can ruin its reputation and impact on guests’ health. In addition to that, pest infestation can result in costly business interruptions. Let our Acuity pest  control experts help you eliminate pests and protect your guests. We can also help you seal cracks and secure your food storage facilities.

Achieving effective pest management in hotels requires thorough preparation and regular inspections to identify and eliminate problems before they become an issue. Often, the first steps in addressing a pest infestation are to educate housekeeping staff members on the different types of pests and how to spot their presence. Additionally, training housekeeping staff in the identification of common pest species will allow them to look for pests during routine housekeeping tasks. Your pest control provider may also inspect the areas where employees store their personal items.

Bed bugs

A hotel’s cleanliness and safety does not mean much if bedbugs are present. Infestations of these pests can be extremely difficult to detect. The annoying bites and rashes from these insects can disrupt sleep and even prevent you from sleeping in the night. A professional pest control service can identify the bugs and eliminate them. Read on for some of the steps to get rid of them. Here is a list of important steps to follow before hiring a pest control service:

One of the most important steps in the prevention of bedbugs is to make sure that the beds are free from these parasites. Using a spray can only kill bed bugs by 50-60%. Professional bedbug pest control services use an herbal pesticide to kill these bugs. This is effective in getting rid of bedbugs. Another important step is to clean all bedding and bedsheets thoroughly. Ensure that the area is free of dust and debris, and use deodorizers to keep bedbugs from returning.

A professional bedbug pest control service in Bangalore will eliminate these parasites before they multiply to a large number. Bedbugs can live for up to 140 days without food. Adult bedbugs live up to 10 months. This is why they can survive for such a long time in a warm or cool building. As they can only survive if the temperature is between nine and thirty-six degrees Celsius, a warm or cool building is a perfect habitat for them.


You can find a range of residential pest control services in Bangalore. You can choose between fumigation, chemical treatments, or biological methods, as well as heat treatment or fogging. A reputed service will offer AMC contracts for a set number of services every year. For best results, a pest control company should treat your property at least bimonthly. While a preventative treatment can be performed in 15 minutes, removing an active pest infestation may take an hour or more.

Termites and other pests can cause massive losses, so it is necessary to ensure that your hotel is protected from these annoyances. Pre-construction pest control is crucial for hotels as there are a lot of wooden items in the industry. The treatment process should begin at the start of construction, as any uncovered space will allow termites to grow. Termites and other pests can infest any part of the hotel, including the interiors and furniture.

In addition to these pests, mosquitoes and flies can degrade the hotel’s hospitality. In addition to mosquitoes and flies, bedbugs can spoil the hotel’s image. Hotel beds are home to a large number of bedbugs, which feed on human blood and sweat. Hotel management should take preventative measures to keep bedbugs away. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, contact a professional pest control