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What keeps Cockroaches Away


What Herbs, Spices, and Plants Keep Cockroaches Away?

Mint Plants & Oil


Mint plants give off a powerful scent that will easily refresh any room. They are also one of the best natural cockroach repellent plants you can grow.

Mint essential oil is a potent natural insect repellent and a strong first option when it comes to DIY solutions. Plus, mint plants are fun to grow and great for cooking and cocktails! Research has shown that it is also poisonous to at least two types of cockroach(American cockroach and German cockroach) which makes it all the more effective as part of your cockroach elimination program.

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Bay Leaves

bay leaves helps in getting rid of cockroaches

Another popular misconception is that the heavy scent of bay leaves will hold rocks at bay. Any fresh bay leaves obviously won’t avoid a big infestation, but their smell may be enough to discourage a few blocks. They also include eucalyptol, an aromatic agent that prevents glitches. (The rosemary and the leaves of the tea tree also produce it.)

You should put fresh bay leaves in small bowls near areas that you believe the cockroaches are sleeping, or where you don’t want them to go, including your cupboards, cabinets, and pantry.

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cinnamon leaves

What about the usual crème brûlée seasoning, French toast, coffee, and more — cinnamon? There is no question that it has a good fragrance, but its smell, alone, is not as powerful as bay leaves or mint oil. However, the combination of fresh cinnamon sticks with other fragrant herbs and spices growing holds certain insects away.

Pandan Leaves

pandan leaves

Pandan leaves are common ingredients in Southeast Asian cuisine, but they are not much of a cockroach repellent. There’s a risk these bugs can avoid fragrant plants, but they’re not strong enough to drive the pests out of your house for good.



Don’t worry about what’s actually your first preference when you hear of intense odors and fragrant foods: garlic! Could the bane of vampires even drive cockroaches out of your kitchen? Everything is true! Cockroach seems like they don’t like the smell, but sprinkling a little garlic powder in different places might scare them away.

However, you’re not going to want to spill garlic powder, mustard oil, or all of these herbs and spices all over your house — it will be smelly. No, given their positive results, these DIY remedies probably won’t solve your cockroach problem; they could only push it to another section of your house.

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