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Lizard Pest Control

lizard pest control in bangalore

Lizard Pest Control in Bangalore

Lizards are popular in many Indian homes. Moreover, a sequence of frightening responses may only be caused by the sight or sound of them. Although ordinary household lizards are not specifically dangerous or hazardous, they are also pests and not something you have to put up within a clean home. If you’re struggling to work out how to get rid of lizards, here are a few home remedies that you can set in action faster than you can tell ‘lizards!’ Get lizard pest control in Bangalore today.

Acuity pest control helps you in getting rid of lizards with guaranteed results. Get lizard pest control today to remove all kinds of lizards that are freaking you out.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Tip #1: DIY a Pepper Spray

pepper to remove lizards

Pepper spray to keep them away

Pepper water is a safe-to-use technique to get rid of the lizards and keep them from escaping. Mix some black pepper powder in the bath and add the remedy to the spot where you normally see the rodents. It is claimed that the pepper irritates the lizards due to an allergic reaction, so they are likely to keep away from certain areas. Tabasco sauce, chili flakes, and red chili powder operate almost as good.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Tip #2: Place Onion or Garlic in Frequented Corners

Onion or Garlic - lizard pest control

Use garlic and onion as a repellent

Once again, an intrusion on the senses of the animal, garlic, and onion sends off a pungent scent. This prohibits the insect from inhabiting or returning to the corner. Cloves of raw garlic or a few slices of onion may be put in different corners of the house. With time, you’ll grow accustomed to the pungent scent, but it’s always powerful enough to scare lizards away If you don’t want to leave the bits, you might apply it to a spray bottle of water to be used as a convenient repellent.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Tip #3: Air Out Cabinets Regularly

Air Out Cabinets Regularly

Get rid of damp spaces

Lizards are drawn to cool, dark areas – and your cabinets suit the bill. Under-sink cabinets are most at risk, so be sure they are as safe and safe as they can be. If you have a leaky drain, try repairing it as soon as you can, since it serves as a drinking spot for lizards and adds to the humid environment. If you’re curious how to hold lizards safe, washing and drying your cabinets on a daily basis is a simple way to discourage lizards from setting up a habitat and laying eggs.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Tip #4: Use Naphthalene Balls

Use Naphthalene Balls to get rid of lizards

For corners and cabinets

If you don’t have children or pets roaming about, you may suggest using naphthalene pellets. They have a pungent scent that humans get accustomed to, but lizards can’t handle it. Start storing them in closets, kitchen drawers, under-sink cabinets, and racks, if you’ve got all your bases covered. Only make sure they’re far away from food and drink!

How to Get Rid of Lizards Tip #5: Use Empty Eggshells

Use Empty Eggshells - lizard pest control

A natural remedy

If you were only about to throw away the eggshells after creating a few delicious omelets, you may want to think twice! Why don’t you use them to get rid of the nasty lizards instead? Lizards can’t bear the scent of eggshells, so you may want to position them in the corners they visit. Wipe the eggshells off before using them to drive the lizards safe. In addition, stop cleaning them in order to maintain a good scent.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Tip #6: Dispose of Open or Leftover Food

Dispose of Open or Leftover Food - lizard pest control

Leftover food can attract pests

This advice is more constructive than retroactive since lizards typically go home hunting for food scraps and leftovers. Fallen crumbs in cabinets and countertops are a sure-fire means of enticing these bugs and encouraging them to linger. Therefore, guarantee the residues and drops are promptly washed up. Set up a system of deep clean cabinets so you can collect dropped food and wipe out dusty dustbins.

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When DIY Isn’t Enough, Eliminate Lizards With Acuity Pest Control!

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Acuity Pest control provides not only effective but also affordable lizards treatment in Bangalore. We also, provide service to residential as well as commercial property. To get rid of the pests, inspection is the first and also the foremost step. As a matter of fact, lizards can be difficult to control. And our pest control professionals for lizards provide you the best tips on how to kill lizards as an emergency infestation precaution. Also, to deal with these lizards pest problems, you may require professional lizards pest control services from Acuity Pest Control Bangalore.

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