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8 reasons why DIY fails in controlling pests

Why natural or DIY pest control fails in controlling pests?

8 Reasons Why Natural or DIY Pest Control Fails?

It is very tempting to look at natural or DIY pest control methods to get rid of the pests in your home — whether you’re trying to save a couple of bucks or just trying to quickly take care of the issue of pests. There are many reasons, though, why natural or DIY pest control treatments don’t work and may actually get the problem worse. Here in this blog, we give you 8 reasons why natural or DIY pest control fails?

Below are the 8 reasons why DIY fails in controlling pests.

  1. Termite Mud Tubes-

When you see tubes of mud in your house or on the base of your building, it’s time to call for help. Typically those are the first visible indication of a termite. These are about the size of a pencil and act as a key to your home for termites. And we want you to prefer Acuity pest control service instead of wasting time with DIYs.

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  1. Visual Damage-

Damage in your home or to personal property is one of the most visible indicators of a bug problem. Termites love the furnishing wood as well as the wall wood. Drywall and even clothes can be slowly eaten away by roaches, wood-boring beetles, and moths.

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  1. Strange smell-

Bedbugs and roaches can actually create a peculiar smell when infesting a house, such as sour or rotten fruit. This odor means you have a big pest colony within your house. Our exterminators will rid themselves of the rodents and the scent.

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  1. Skin irritation or bites-

When you or a family member wakes up with unexplained bites or skin pain, immediately call Acuity Pest Control. It may be a warning that bedbugs made it into the home and are feeding in the night. Skin irritation can also be present when a person has a mild allergy to certain pests.

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  1. Dead bugs-

Live pests and insects are a nuisance, but they aren’t the only ones you should worry about. If you see a lot of dead bugs all over your house, this could be a sign of a bigger issue. There may be even more living inside your home’s walls. Let one of our exterminators come and investigate the house thoroughly to tackle any issues.

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  1. Stinging bugs-

Stinging insects are not a big problem this time of year. Nevertheless, it’s not unusual to see a wasp or yellow jacket flying about during the summer months. Half one million people go to the emergency room every year due to a stinging bug. If you see outside your home a nest of them, avoid getting stung and call the Acuity Pest control exterminators.

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  1. Using poison or traps-

By setting up poison or traps around the house you can feel capable of handling a pest or insect problem. Yet do you really know how such hazardous goods can be handled? Remember the people in your family until they are brought into your home. Do you have children or do you have pets? How should you guard them from the poison or the traps?

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  1. Recurring problems-

Moreover, for a short period, the do-it-yourself method may be successful. If the same thing continues to happen, however, it is time to look for support from someone else. The same idea applies to pest control just as you might call a doctor if the over-the-counter remedy fails.

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