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Prevention Tips for Cockroaches

Cockroach prevention tips - Acuity Pest Control

5 Prevention Tips for Cockroaches

There are plenty of techniques used to fend off cockroaches, so we’ll be exploring some of the most common approaches that many people use to make their homes less hospitable to these cringe-worthy pests. We at acuity pest control provide the best tips for controlling cockroaches for both residential and commercial sites. Our professionals provide Professional Cockroach Control Service and help you get rid of cockroaches and provide you information with How to kill cockroaches in one shot. We give you the top 5 Prevention Tips for Cockroaches.

We give you the best Cockroach control treatment at a low price with 100% guaranteed results in killing cockroaches. Our pest control professionals give you the best prevention tips to keep cockroaches at bay. The cockroach control tips work very well in controlling cockroaches in the kitchen, rooms, cardboard boxes, plumbing lines, etc. Call us and Get Professional Cockroach Pest Control Service today. Trust us, we help you in getting rid of all kinds of havoc creating pests that mainly include cockroaches and provide you information with How to kill cockroaches in one shot.

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1. Nix newspapers & Cardboard Boxes

Clearing out cockroach hiding spots

Roaches love the newspapers and cardboard boxes. When those things are lying around your house, you’re welcoming cockroaches into your house in the vicinity. Cockroaches love to breed in these things, so it’s best to clear out of your home all newspapers and cardboard boxes. Acuity pest control helps you in finding out hidden cockroaches and getting rid of it with the best cockroach control treatment from our pest control professionals. We help you in getting rid of all kinds of havoc creating pests that mainly include cockroaches.

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2. Clear Out the Clutter

Cleaning everything to Control cockroaches

One of the best cockroach control strategies is to ensure that your home is kept in tip-top shape, especially when it comes to things that lie just around. Having the house clean of clutter ensures that cockroaches have fewer opportunities to hang out during the day. Those bugs would have to work harder to conceal their existence without any protection for their midday scurrying. We help you in getting rid of all kinds of havoc creating pests that mainly include cockroaches.

3. Seal Cracks & Install Door Sweeps

Seal the cracks to avoid cockroaches

Roaches gain access to homes by crawling under doors and gaps in the base of your house. Because they can be hard to see, you cannot even recognize the easy access places, but a professional would be able to locate entry points for you. Problems include:

  • Around windows and doors
  • Along the foundation or roof
  • Attic and crawl space vents
  • Around holes used for electric, gas, and plumbing lines

We suggest you check these problem areas at least once a year and make sure you patch them if you find cracks and holes. Caulk can be used to seal small holes whereas steel wool and foam are better suited for filling larger gaps, particularly around pipes. You may use a fine wire mesh to create a screen for bigger openings around chimneys or attic vents.

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4. Regularly Inspect and Fix Any Plumbing Issues or Leaks

Fixing plumbing leaks to control them

Moisture is an immense attraction for bugs-much like humans, they need water to live. Homeowners often have leaks or water problems that attract bugs and they don’t even know. When you find problems with leaks or plumbing, have them repaired as soon as possible.

It’s no bad thing to check your home’s faucets, sinks, refrigerators, and appliances periodically to ensure they don’t leak or contain excess moisture.

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5. Don’t Feed the Cockroaches

Don't feed them

You’re likely to draw a bug or two if you’re leaving things like uneaten dog or cat food lying around. We recommend that you use a dog food dispenser and/or clear any food your pet does not consume from the floor right away so that cockroaches do not have easy access to food sources.

Pro Tip: Get Professional Cockroach Pest Control

Because cockroaches here in Florida are such a problem insect, prevention will only get you so far. The truth of the matter is that at some stage most homeowners will be struggling with a roach infestation in their home. While there are many things you can do to make your home an inhospitable place for pests, nothing avoids a plague infestation such as the use of professional Cockroach pest control.

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