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Natural Mosquito Repellant

Natural mosquito repellant

Natural Mosquito Repellant

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Mosquito Repellants

Mosquitoes have an incredibly good sense of smell. In reality, it’s the main reason they’re used as a supply of blood to humans and other species. Such irritating bugs become relentless for the carbon dioxide and many of the fragrances that we emit. Even mosquitoes find a number of scents unattractive. These aromas can be used without the use of pesticides and other harmful deterrents to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Here are 10 common Natural Mosquito Repellants:

Natural Mosquito Repellant: LAVENDER

Natural Mosquito Repellant - lavender

While lavender may be a favorite fragrance for others, mosquitoes would disagree. We detest the purple flower’s pungent smell and keep away at all costs. Like most plants on this list, lavender can be used by extracting the oils and applying directly to the skin, or by making a spray of the body. You can only grow it in your backyard, too. The best of all, the stunning purple flowers will certainly enliven your countryside. It is the best Natural Mosquito Repellant.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: PEPPERMINT

Natural Mosquito Repellant - peppermint

Minty fragrances are disagreeable to the sharp senses of a mosquito. The mere presence of peppermint plants can to some extent ward off these pesky flying insects. You can also transform peppermint, by grinding the leaves and rubbing them on your hands, into a personal repellent. Mosquitoes do not bear your presence! However, if you have a mosquito bite you can find that peppermint oil is helpful in relieving scratching.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: BASIL

Natural Mosquito Repellant - basil

This versatile plant isn’t just a tasty herb used to savor your favorite Italian food. This can also be used as a natural useful repellent. The essential oils in the basil plant emit a strong fragrance that irritates these persistent biters. Make good use of the repellent properties of basil by cultivating it in your yard, as well as by making homemade sprays from its essential oils.

Natural Mosquito Repellant: GARLIC

Natural Mosquito Repellant - garlic

A part of the family of onions was used as an edible repellent for many years. The active ingredient of garlic, allicin, interferes with our natural scent when consumed, and masks us from the mosquitoes. Yet garlic can be used even without eating it to deter mosquitoes. Cut the garlic cloves into slivers and sprinkle them around your living spaces outdoors, or mix them with oils and other liquid ingredients to give your yard a repellent mist. Alternatively, you should mix garlic with essential oils to give your body a mosquito-repellent spray. Mosquitoes won’t have the unattractive smell to look up against.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: CITRONELLA


It is perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when you hear of scents repelling mosquitoes. Citronella oil is widely used in commercial bug sprays and candles and comes from the lemongrass plant. This has a lemon-like citrusy fragrance that irritates insects but is incredibly friendly to humans. Lemongrass can be cultivated as an enticing and efficient repellent outside of your house. Citronella oil may also be added directly to the skin, or mixed with other essential oils to produce the own natural deterrent.

Natural Mosquito Repellant: LEMON BALM


A part of the mint family, the lemon balm has a soothing, heavy citrus fragrance that is extremely irritating to many unwelcome insects. Yet birds, butterflies and humans alike appear to enjoy the scent. Grow this enticing plant for personal repellent in different places where you want to discourage mosquitoes or add the crushed leaves to your skin. With still more ease in use, you should add leftover leaves for the pain reduction effects of your preferred herbal teas.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: MARIGOLD


This vibrant plant is well known for its aromatic pungent. Many people find the smell unpleasant and mosquitoes do likewise. To keep mosquitoes at bay, plant these golden flowers in various locations around your yard. You can cut off the flowers regularly and put in vases around the house and deter mosquitoes from breeding indoors. The marigold plant flowers make a beautiful addition to your garden as an extra bonus and are also edible. It is best at repelling mosquitoes naturally.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: CATNIP


This has become a very popular mosquito repelling tool in recent years. Another research in Science Daily also shows that Nepetalactone, the essential oil of the herb, is about ten times more efficient in repelling mosquitoes than DEET. Therefore, to be successful, much less of the oil is required. Plant catnip as backyard protection in your lawn, or smash the leaves and brush them directly on your hands. Also, some people use the leaves in their tea to cure naturally. Of course, you should even supply the very lucky felines in your home with excess leaves.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: ROSEMARY


Another multipurpose herb, rosemary can be used other than for seasoning for many other things. Once planted in your garden, this aromatic plant works wonders, easily tackling small infestations of mosquitoes. Place a few sprigs of rosemary on the grill during the barbecue, to drive insects away while the aroma wafts through the yard. In fact, rosemary can be combined with lotions or sprays to create easy body repellents.

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Natural Mosquito Repellant: EUCALYPTUS


Similar to citronella, eucalyptus has a powerful odor that interferes with the delicate senses of mosquitoes and can make it difficult for them to find their food sources. Often, the oil from these trees repels other insects including ticks, midges, and sand-flies. Since the existence of the plant itself in your yard can serve as a repellent. The oil can also be applied directly to the skin, which should be applied regularly for optimum safety.

Protecting Yourself from Mosquitoes

Have you used any of those repellents for the natural scent? Or, do you have any other scents to add to the list? In the comments below please let us know.

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