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How Weather Affects Pests Problems – Pest control service in Bangalore

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Acuity is the Affordable Pest control Services in Bangalore and there is no doubt that weather plays a major role in determining the survival and growth rates of pests populations because of its direct impact on them and on their food supply. Just like humans, pests change their mood and daily routine according to the weather. Just as you would shelter yourself from harsh elements, pests attempt to do the same so weather affects for pests problems. These interactions have been studied for many years and are fairly well understood.

When the weather outside changes so does the amount of activity. Not only for people but also for pests. The change in temperature is one way that pests are affected but that is not the only thing that changes the course of pests. The weather can be rainy, dry, cold or even hot and each of these has different effects on the pests you may find and what they might be up to.

The real problem is that no matter the type of weather condition you still need to be sure that you use a pest control service. That is the only way to ensure that your home is treated for any unwanted pests that could be a problem during that particular weather change. Acuity Pest Control is the best service provider for pests problems.

Different Weather Conditions & How They Create Pests Problems

Pests Problems in Dry Weather:

Dry weather is a problem for many pests. Pests are similar to people in the fact they need water to survive. The water is necessary for them to reproduce and live so when the weather outside is too dry the pests need to find a way to survive.

The best place for them to get that is to get inside a home. If you were dying of thirst you would get water any way possible. The same goes for pests. Pest infestation problems occur when the weather is dry outside can be a serious problem. Make sure that you keep your pest control services going all year long!

Temperature is the driving force behind insect development, growth and behavior. Unlike many animals, insects are poikilothermic (“cold-blooded”); that is they are unable to regulate their body temperature and their internal temperature varies along with that of the ambient environmental temperature.

Other behavioral activities such as flight, movement, reproduction, feeding are similarly influenced by seasonal temperatures. Under extreme hot (> 120°F ) or cold temperatures (<32 °F), insect growth and behavior is greatly restricted, and often lethal.

Dry weather or summer heat

As the weather warms up in the spring and summer, insect populations tend to explode as the temperatures rise and allow for breeding and hatching of neonates. The newly-hatched bugs make their way indoors through crevices and cracks in the foundation and around screens and other gaps. It’s important to weatherize your home both in the spring and fall, not only to keep out extreme temperatures, but to control the influx of insect pests.

How Cold Weather Affects Rodents:

The cold temperatures will send many pests into hibernation but not all of them. There are many pests such as rodents that will continue to be a problem even in the cold weather. They don’t want to stay outdoors to live but they will go in a home and find a place to nest that has an abundance of food. Be sure that you don’t lapse in your Acuity pest control services during the cold weather!

cold weather

As fall moves in, the temperatures drop, driving insects to seek shelter. The fall weather affects insect problems by herding insects into homes. Seal cracks in the foundation and consider adding weather stripping around doors and windows.

This is a good time to have a professional evaluation of your home and property and to develop a solid plan for dealing with potential infestations before they have a chance to take hold.

Pests Problems During Wet Weather & Rain:

This is when there is some rainfall or moisture in the air but not a flood. The water is great for pests and is necessary for them to survive. Now when this is the current weather you need to be ready to deal with an influx of pests.

The wetness is a great catalyst for pests to reproduce which is like a domino effect. Now that there are more pests they need to find food. That can lead to more and more pests getting in your home looking for food to eat and that can then lead to an infestation. Be extremely cautious when the weather has some rainfall.

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