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How to Repel Cockroaches with Household Items

How to Repel cockroaches with Household Items

How to Repel Cockroaches with Household Items

Here in this blog, we give the list of household items that repel the cockroaches.

1. Catnip to repel Cockroaches



Catnip should not be your first instinct when you’re confronting a cockroach problem — it makes your pet insane in the wrong way, after all! Although the cockroaches have almost the same response to the herb (which is part of the mint family). Nepetalactone, which is one of the key ingredients in catnip, is a potent repellent to cockroaches and certain other bugs and may be very useful against your unwanted pest guests. Household item catnip helps in repelling cockroaches with its

2. Coffee Grounds to repel Cockroaches


Any homeowners have also recorded progress in utilizing coffee grounds as a natural prevention cockroach. Fresh grounds should be put in shallow containers on the floor or in cabinets to keep bugs away from particular locations.

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3. Citronella Candles to repel Cockroaches

citronella candle

Does citronella candles drive cockroaches away? You see them on patios, at picnics, and at campsites all around the country. Yet citronella candles typically kill flying insects, such as mice and bees. They could cause a few flying cockroaches from buzzing toward the lights, but they really won’t stop them from marching into your house.

4. Citronella Oil to repel Cockroaches

citronella oil

However, citronella oil could be a more efficient cockroaches repellent. Better still, it’s non-toxic and pet-safe! Applying it is as easy as using a paper towel to rub a little oil in the places near their access points and everywhere you’ve seen them previously.

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