Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Below are Frequently  asked questions (FAQ) at Acuity Pest control regarding general pest control (including Cockroach Pest control in Bangalore, ants pest control services in Bangalore, Rodent Pest control services in Bangalore, flea pest control services in Bangalore, etc.) and termite control in Bangalore. If you have any additional questions, please FAQ us or, submit an online pest control service FAQ with your question. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ);

FAQ 1: How would I know there are pests or bug infestation and if I need help?

It’s always better to identify pest infestation in the beginning. Because deeper the infestation, longer it will take to get rid of them. But how would you know if there are pests and bugs? The answer is pretty simple by closely looking at everything. Luckily, there are certain pests that you can easily find like cockroaches, lizards, rats, etc. But there are other pests like termites or bedbugs which can’t be identified easily. But if you pay attention, you can easily find a symptom of these pests. The moment you have a doubt about pests, you should inspect the surroundings properly and look for symptoms. So when you notice small red spots on your bed sheet, you should look around and see if there are bed bugs? Similarly, if you see brown color powder-like dust near your furniture, you should investigate for termite infestation.

Alternatively, you may FAQ for pest control Services to investigate and if there are pests and bugs, they can easily identify and recommend treatments. Usually, pest control agencies do not charge for inspection. And if there are pests, they can offer pest control services and help you get rid of it easily. It is one of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).

FAQ 2: How Often Does My House Need To Be Inspected?

Even though you might not notice damage around your house, new cracks and crevices are always forming. Acuity Pest control annual inspections of your home are recommended to prevent new pest problems from occurring.

FAQ 3: How Am I Inviting Termites damage Into My House?

Any house with wood in it is attractive to termites. The old saying goes… there are two kinds of houses – those with termites and those that will get termites.

If subterranean termites discover your home, they will enter and search it for wood fiber. They will squeeze through cracks as narrow as the thickness of a penny. Expansion joints, foundation cracks, tiny gaps around plumbing and electrical service entries are all opportunities for termites.

If you suspect you have termites, call in a certified pest management professional to perform a thorough termite inspection. A Certified Professional from Acuity Pest control is your best choice.

FAQ 4: Why are Infestations Often Discovered From March Through May at your premise?

Spring is typically when large numbers of winged termites, known as “swarmers,” emerge inside homes. In nature, termites swarm to disperse and start new colonies. Triggered by warmer temperatures and rainfall, the winged termites emerge from the colony and fly into the air.

FAQ 5: How do I find and hire the best pest control experts?

One of the best ways is to ask your friends and colleagues for references of an expert pest exterminator, else you may use Acuity Pest control to get the best rate offers from effective pest control Services are available in Bangalore city. It is one of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ).

FAQ 6: Do I need to prepare anything for pest control by an expert?

Yes. You have to prepare a little bit before the pest control expert reaches your place, but these preparations are usually easier to do. Some of the basic preparations can be summer hereunder;

Cover food and drinking water in the kitchen and on dining tables. De-clutter and vacate the place where the pest control is to be performed so that pest exterminator can do their job easily.

Clear all the areas that need treatment.

Apart from these basic preparations, depending on the kind of pest control service you have asked for, you may have to do a few other preparations as advised by the Acuity pest control professionals. It’s also a good idea to check with them if there is any special preparation that may require.

FAQ 7: Do I need to clean my house after pest control treatments?

Usually, you don’t have to clean your house after the pest control treatment, but depending on the kind of treatment and chemicals being used, Acuity pest control explains to you if there is any need for cleanup for anything in your house. But you may need to vent your house properly to get rid of any smell post-treatment.

FAQ 8: Do we need to leave the home during treatment?

Usually, it’s not required unless you are allergic or sensitive to certain smells or chemicals. Even if the chemicals or herbal sprays being used for pest control are not usually harmful to humans, some of us would not like to be there and prefer to remain outside till the treatment for pest control is over. But if anyone of your family member has asthma or other breathing problems, it’s better for them to stay outside for a couple of hours. 

FAQ 9: Do I need to keep my pets away?

It’s hard to predict how your pet will react to the treatment. For example, if you have a dog that’s a little aggressive, it may disturb the operation or tries to lick the chemicals being sprayed. If it’s very aggressive, it may try to attack the pest control professionals and hence it may be a good idea to keep your pet away for a few hrs till the treatment is done and chemicals are dried properly.

 FAQ 10: I still see pests in my house after treatment?

Irrespective of how deep they get with the treatment, some of the pests will die immediately and others may hide or run away. But at the end-all of the pests have to die but it may take up to a day or two. But by every passing hour, you will notice a decrease in the number of pests and ultimately they will all die.

FAQ 11: Can I take care of my pest problems myself?

In some instances, yes. Retail products that are available, if used properly, can control pest issues. In other cases, a professional pest control operator, who will be in possession of equipment and materials that are not available to the average person, will be better suited to address your needs. You can even try natural months to get rid of pests but they don’t give 100% results. It is one of the frequently asked questions.

FAQ 12: How do I keep Rodent out of my home?

Since mice, rats can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks and are excellent climbers, the complete exclusion is often not possible. Obvious openings can be caulked and steel wool can be used to plug visible gaps. Typically an effective control program involves trapping or baiting mice once they have entered the structure. Acuity provides the best rodent pest control service in Bangalore.

FAQ 13: Why should I choose Acuity Pest control? Why should I hire Acuity Pest control when I could try to do it myself?

Quite a few customers call us in frustration after they have already wasted time and money buying and applying over the counter products to control their ant, spider, flea, or other general pest problems. Acuity Pest control will solve your problem efficiently without you having to buy, apply, or store pesticides. Homeowners very often over-apply pesticides, resulting in unnecessary personal exposure, or potential environmental harm. Acuity Pest control also offers a 60-day guarantee on treatments. If your pest problem persists within 60-days after initial treatment, we will come back for additional service at no additional cost to you.

FAQ 14: Do you have any other questions?

Hope we have answered most of the frequently asked question about pest control services, from rates to precautions and how to find an expert. If there is anything else and you have other questions, feel free to shoot them out and I will be more than happy to answer it for you.