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Termite Pest control services in Bangalore

Pest control for Termite

How to prevent termites from entering new construction in 2020

Termite treatment in Bangalore became important due to the huge losses it may incur in the future to your dream home!

These termites can damage your household items like clothing, furniture, wood items, plywood, property, etc.

Termites are very common in new constructions or in a new home. When they enter the wood, they start infesting it. Thereby making huge losses to the new home.

Treating the termite at the right time is very essential. That is the reason why pest control for a termite is done for new construction properties before the infestation.

Preventive measures for termite pest control:

  1. Take Pest Control service for pre-construction and post-construction: During the construction, the anti-termite pest control service is done by the professionals to keep termites at the bay.
  2. Stop the wood to soil contact: During the construction or in a new home, keep the wood away from getting in contact with the soil.
  3. Do not keep standing water: Keep the area dry and moist free. Drain off the standing water nearby your home.

Steps involved in Termite treatment for new construction

  1. Inspection of the construction.
  2. Preparation for treatment.
  3. Application of the chemicals.

How long the treatment is effective?

The right professional treatment might be effective for 2-25 years. But one should inspect the home to evaluate the termite infestation level. Get your free inspection now!


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